Honoree & Presenter

News flash From Lucky Strike Films Festival Team

Dear friend and fellow film maker,

Lucky Strike Films Festival and Staff, is excited to announce our second annual film festival and awards Ceremony, which will take place September 22, 2018, at the Beat Box Studio, 11828 Teale Street, Los Angeles, CA 90230.

We would be very honored to have you as part of our great event. We will show trailers from several of our films that were submitted, and presenting awards to the film makers that present the finest work, along with honoring our rising stars, the actors that are doing excellent work, and are on a sure road to success. Also achievement award to celebrities that been in the industry for over 10 years.

Comfirm Celebrity

Eric Bellinger Grammy Winner Singer song writer

Sean Faris star of Pretty Little Liars, Sleept over, and highly gross action film Never Back Down

Judi Evans Emmy winner star of Days of our lives, I am not for sale

Noel Gugliemi , Training Day, Bruce almighty, Fast and furious

Raquel Lee, BET Real husband of Hollywood

C-TRU rap artist

Jeff Chery VH1 SIGNED

Yung- Famously known for the hit song Teach me how to dougie

more to confirm soon

For sure to be a fun evening with special performances / Live DJ

6:30PM Red Carpet

Award Ceremony 8pm to 10pm

After party till 1am

Many Celebraties comfirm to attend

More info coming soon get your tickets

19 dollar General Admission

40 Dollars VIP Include Food,drink walk the red carpet

get your ticket now



Jackson Not Just A Name Harold Welton -

The Noise of the Light , German Robin -

Alison, Eliad Lienhardt -

Finding Big Pink, Lisa Tignor - t

Good Business Sense, Emmett Loverde -

High Angle Magic, Mitchell Gibson-

The Intelligence, Mitchell Gibson-

The Living Soul, Mitchell Gibson-

Black Wake, Carlos Keyes-

Collision At Split Rock, George Firewalker Carlson

Saving Harper Ross, Chason Laing -

The Color of Evil, Connie Wilson -

Help Wanted, Michael Madden-

The Conversation, Adam Crow -

An Afternoon in Monte Carlo, Emanuel Martin Di Feliciantonio -

Drugs As Weapons Against Us: The C IA War on musicians and activists, John L Potash-

If I Could Run, Donald Miller-

Unlawful Justice, Chris Baxter-

Closer Than Before, Timothy Meikle - s

John Wynn Mirror Mirror, The Wynn Network- a

Dandelion, Chance White - awarded- short

The Vampire Santa, Sal Lizard -

Nothing But Television, Lena Katrina-

The Tale of Billy 's Johnson, Richard Jensen-

The Queen, Hugo Teugels -

Mute, Kelse Whitfield- finalist- short

Guitar Man, Robinson- finalist- feature

Amereki Kum , Escape From Dubai Matt Johanning -

Iniquity, Joey Lanai- finalist- short

Dawn, Jared Leon - finalist- feature

The Noise of the Lights, Germaine Robin-

One, Two, Guess Who's,Who, Proper Ginko-

Monsters, Jason Diamond- finalist- short

Rub The Speed, Amy Maki - finalist- short

Tugnutt: A Love Supreme, Nate Yacos -

Finding Water, Brendan O'Brien -

Bruce, Irhad Mutic -

shifting Gears, Kyle Prater -

Still Being Me, Karlos Alastruey -

Zelda, Louis Cox - selected- short

Garden Party Massacre, Gregory Blair-

Downward Dog, Web series, Debra Johnson-

On The Edge, Williams-

The Eve, Luca Machnich -

Stunt, Shantay Robinson-

Boy 2 Man, Steve Cook -

Diedra, Jo Southwell-

Silent Love Stories- 1, Amr Al - Hariri-

Humans, Alex Afshar -

First House on the Hill, Matteo Saradini -

Sweet Talk, Luciano Arturo Glavina -

The Eviction, Andy Galloway-

Ane and the Stars, Karlos Alastruey -

Quants, Haejun Jeon - finalist- short

Chateau Sauvignon: terrior, David Maier-

The Assassin's Apprentice by Russell Emanue

Unorganized Crime by Kenny D'Aquila


The Dollhouse by Kyra Gardner

The Alliance by Robert L Butler Jr

Lord Of Hope by Mitchell Gibson

Pagg by Nardeep Khurmi

GANGSTERS by Freddie Basnight

Heavy Rain by Moataz Ezzat Elsayed Gamal Elbahaey

Submission still open so thats not the complete list