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                                            LUCKY STRIKE FILM FESTIVAL 

                                             A Home For Indie Filmmakers 

                                             A NEW VOICE FOR ARTISTS 

                             September 21 Screening award ceremony 22, 2018 

                 Acclaimed and prolific production company Lucky Strike Films is                       sponsoring an exciting new film festival! Besides giving                                         filmmakers the opportunity to have their movies premiered                             before enthusiastic audiences, the Lucky Strike Film Festival                             will also host an awards show, complete with a red carpet                                  event and after party! 

.                         Screening to be held at Regency Theater in north Hollywood

                            Showing Feature Films, Documentaries, Shorts From Both

                            Veteran and up-coming Filmmakers presented by local 

                            artist from all over the world. Partnering with Dedicated-

                           Filmmakers, artist, community, we are looking to draw a -                                Huge audience to the theater also provide a platform for-

                        Fellow artist. so please join us

                  We are reaching out to you to join us, Your sponsorship will help

                fund promotion of the event and grand prizes for filmmakers and -           Celebrity honorees, Allowing them to channel their Talents 




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